"Today, almost half of our population suffers from a degenerative disease that directly causes Heart Failure, Stroke, Type 2 Diabetes, Kidney Failure, Impotence, Obesity, Neuropathy, Retinopathy and a host of other similar symptoms. It is thought to be implicated, but not yet proven to be causal, in ADHD, ADD and some forms of Cancer. Its beginning symptoms are so mild that most who exhibit them do not realize that they are under a sentence of premature death and disability. It affects adults and children of all ages. At the turn of the last century this disease was so rare that many doctors could not correctly identify it. Today this disease forms such an important economic pillar in the medical community that every doctor in the country can easily recognize it at a glance."

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                                                                                        George Orwell

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  Reversing diabetes is not only possible, it is likely if you are willing to put forth the effort. This website is about reversing diabetes. It's about honest information; not about rampant industry promoting disinformation. It is about reversing a monstrous degenerative disease syndrome that shouldn't even exist. Diabetes is a disease syndrome that is so common that all of us either have the disease or we know someone that does have it. It is a primary, if not the primary, economic support for a medical community whose policy level management has absolutely no interest in curing it. This one disease syndrome alone accounted for over 40% of the deaths in the US from all causes in 1995 (Based on data published by American Demographics). This disease syndrome currently constitutes one of our most effective restraints on population growth in the developed nations. At the beginning of the twentieth century, this disease syndrome was so rare that it was considered a medical curiosity.
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    Today a diabetes epidemic of incredible proportions rages through the country. It directly affects over half the population and incapacitates almost twenty percent of us. Over ten percent us are completely dependent upon synthetic medication and live under constant medical supervision because of a crippling drug dependence.

    There are few of us in America who are not affected directly or indirectly by diabetes. It has been known since the 1950's as Adult Onset Diabetes, Type II Diabetes, Insulin Resistant Diabetes, Hyperinsulinemia, or Insulin Resistant Hyperinsulinemia. It is known to the medical community by the symptoms that it produces. Some of these symptoms are: Atherosclerosis,Vascular disease, Diabetes type 2, Impotence, Kidney Failure, Heart disease, Liver Damage, Stroke, Obesity, Neuropathy, Retinopathy and Gangrene to name but just a few. We have separately discussed, each on its own page, the connection of each of these symptoms to the underlying endocrine disorder, Diabetes.

This disease has so many life threatening symptoms that it influenced an  extensive reorganization of the medical disease classification system in 1949. This was the year the medical community defined many of these symptoms into the independent medical specialty diseases that has ravaged America for the last  forty years. This reorganization was promoted ostensibly to focus medical activity more  clearly on the underlying disease syndrome.  However, in actual fact, it has resulted in the widespread compartmentalization of the medical community into  numerous  competing
medical specialty groups according to the presentation of the differing 
"proprietary symptom sets" in different patients. 

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    This compartmentalization has obscured both the cause of this disease and the incredible scope of the epidemic that it produces. However, none of these newly formed "medical compartments"are trained to deal with the underlying cause of this disease. They are trained to deal only with their proprietary symptom set. The existence of these numerous new alias' for this disease became a real  problem for the scientists who had a genuine interest in understanding cause and effect. Their solution to this "problem of too many aliases" is illuminating. It can be found on our History page.

    This compartmentalization resulted in the establishment of powerful economic disincentives to the promotion of a cure for the disease as competing medical specialists simply vied for market share. As this competition became managed by medical "authorities", the American medical community rapidly became the wealthiest in the world. Clearly the medical reorganization of 1949, which rapidly developed into a major disaster for the patient that we see today, did indeed enormously benefit the medical community.

    All Doctors now are trained to deal only with their proprietary symptom set according to the prescribed protocols.  This is why and how the "cure" word disappeared from the medical vocabulary entirely. This also explains why it has become a federal crime to use the "cure" word in many circumstances where it would clearly apply; this in a country that loudly trumpets its belief in free speech. Try discussing the "cure" word with your doctor; you will find it to be an illuminating experience indeed.

    As all focus on actually curing anything became hopelessly lost, the orthodox medical community prospered as never before in all of its history. Today America has fallen well below the norm even for western developed nations in the quality and quantity of medical care it dispenses. Here in the US, doctor caused death is the third leading cause of death from all causes. However, the American medical community still retains its lead as the wealthiest and most prosperous medical community in the world.

    As the endocrine disease itself, that underlies and causes so many of these symptoms, develops the human body strives to cope with a severely damaged metabolism that, if not swiftly corrected, will  kill it. Details of this process is discussed on our webpage on hyperinsulinemia. Subtle cause and effect relationships between insulin and glucose are thoroughly  explored there.  Early warning indicators often include elevated cholesterol, elevated triglycerides, poor HDL/LDL ratio, high blood pressure, insulin resistance and weight problems. Some of these early warning indicators of disease are discussed on our fats page.

    This precursor Hyperinsulinemia is also thought to be significant in several forms of cancer and in the epidemic of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) raging through our schools today; although with these latter two diseases, the evidence while compelling is not yet completely conclusive. As we develop the evidence for these connections, we will post them on this site.

    Symptoms are valuable warning signs that something is wrong and that effective medical attention is required. When  symptoms are deliberately suppressed without curative action being undertaken to cure or reverse the disease, the disease will make more rapid progress. Now that this policy of criminal suppression of symptoms and careful avoidance of cure is being widely exposed, many are turning to the alternative medical community. For them it is now possible to look forward to something other than a rapid decline to invalid status and an early painful death.

    One would logically think that this disease would be cured by now since it has been increasingly well understood since about 1950. However, as we shall demonstrate on our history page, there are sound economic reasons why the disease can never, even in principle, be cured by existing medical institutions even though the cure is well understood in the research community. In addition, there are other social forcing functions that operate to prevent a cure from ever being made available. We examine some of these on our more information page. For the 50% or so of people who have the disease in its various stages, it is necessary to take responsibility for our own health and seek alternative medical treatment or remain sick.

    The good news is that although this disease accounts for almost half of the annual death toll in the  western nations from all causes, it is, in most cases, curable, permanently, quickly, economically, completely and often easily and by natural means. This means little or no reliance upon synthetic designer drugs and no ineffective medical treatments for symptoms, while causal agents remain untreated.

    The bad news is that the orthodox medical community cannot afford to cure this disease. It forms a financial backbone to the entire orthodox medical establishment. Should an effective cure be popularized, the resulting financial impact to the medical business, the drug business, several of our tax free foundations and a large part of our food processing industry would be severe. Many hospitals would close and many doctors, notably heart surgeons, would soon need to find another line of work. Many drug companies and a large part of the food industry would have to either shut down or greatly change their way of doing business. A discussion of these economic forcing functions is included in our history page.

    This disease originated as an epidemic in the late 1920's and became the focus of considerable medical attention in the early 1930's. It grew exponentially through the 1940's and 1950's and is today accepted as a ubiquitous piece of America's medical wallpaper. From a per capita incidence of 0.0028% at the turn of the century, it has ballooned to 10% under doctors care; another 10% who should be under doctors care except they are "coping" and don't yet realize that they are diseased; and another 30% that exhibit clear symptoms which they ignore because the disease does not yet interfere with life. In 1995, forty percent of the death certificates in this country listed one or more symptoms of this disease. Although much has been learned about this disease, dating back to the 1930's, including how to easily cure it, it remains the underlying cause of an incredible annual death toll.

    A "death certificate shuffle" exists that acts to obscure the cause of death and to camouflage the incredible epidemic that rages among us. The shuffle works like this. Prior to the reorganization of the medical community in 1949 all of the diseases listed above were known to be but symptoms of what was then called Diabetes. After the reorganization these "symptoms" became diseases in their own right. Each group of related symptoms became the province of the specialist that presumably had expertise with that particular symptom set. For example, if the disease had progressed to the point where the patient experienced heart problems, he would be referred to a Heart Specialist. If he died while treated by the the Heart Specialist, his death certificate would say "Heart Failure." If the disease progressed to the point when Kidney function was destroyed before heart problems occurred, the death certificate filled out by the Kidney Specialist would say "Kidney failure."

    In this way we have defined a "top ten" category of killer diseases. Many of these killer diseases are but differing symptoms of a single underlying disease with numerous confusing aliases. This underlying disease is now known to be caused by specific poisons and inadequacies in our food supply. For those who would like to see more about the origins of this disease we have included a brief history. As we show on our history page, this disease began to become epidemic shortly after poisonous food was introduced.

    This underlying disease is a severe unbalance of the endocrine system that destroys our ability to metabolize food. The unbalance results in elevated levels of certain control hormones as the body strives to correct a systemic problem that it cannot correct with the known toxins in the food supply and without the missing essential elements of nutrition.

    Although this is a relatively large site with a considerable amount of useful information, we recognize that many who are either affected by this disease or who have the responsibility to treat others may want to study additional information in book form. For this reason we have written a book for the layman, but which includes an extensive list of scientific cites and references. This book includes a specific, non-drug protocol that can reverse the disease fairly quickly and easily for the large majority that suffer from it. This report includes a glycemic index with complete instructions for use and a bibliography and a glossary. This book, Insulin: Our Silent Killer, contains far more information than we can conveniently present on a web page. Click here to find ordering instructions for purchasing it.

    The results compiled on this web site and even more in our book are the result of a four year study undertaken by this writer who, having the disease, was faced with the need to find a cure for it because his doctor couldn't or wouldn't cure it. This book presents, not only an effective cure protocol for the disease, but helpful information on how to naturally manage its damaging symptoms during the cure process. It also includes the information needed to reverse much, but unfortunately not all, of the collateral damage that this disease causes when it is encouraged to run rampant with ineffective orthodox medical treatment. 
Comment and review

    This site contains a great deal of information about a widespread disease whose very existence has been largely suppressed. Much of this site is not very politically correct, although what that has to do with real science escapes us. All of this information has been taken from credible published authors and published scientific reports, many of which never come to the light of public scrutiny. We have made every effort to be accurate and objective in our investigation and reporting because we know that only the truth about this disease can be helpful to those who are affected by it. However, we're human and the sources from whom we've garnered this data are human and thus mistakes can be made. If any readers discover any substantive errors in anything on this website, please let us know at our Email address, which is:

Thomas Smith
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    We promise a fast courteous  reply, a careful investigation of fact and a swift retraction and correction of any information that is found to be in error. If any substantive content on this website offends without being in error, we offer our apologies for the offense because none is intended.

Medical caveat

    In the US medical diagnosis and treatment is constrained by law to be the exclusive monopoly of state licensed practitioners. The diseases discussed on this site are serious, often life threatening matters. Neither the content nor the intent of this report may or should be construed as the giving of medical advice nor for the recommending medical treatment of any kind. The site is intended for educational use only. Its proper purpose is to support informed discussions between patient and doctor, to support the concept of genuine cooperation in the patient doctor relationship, to help the patient understand the medical science or lack thereof behind the treatment he receives from the doctor, to inform of useful alternative therapies and to help the patient to identify those physicians who keep up with advances in their field.

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