On this page we present a number of articles that  have been published on the internet and or in magazine and newsletter format by the writer that contain original research material about diabetes and related issues.

Our Deadly Diabetes Deception

This is a somewhat lengthy article that gives a good overview of much of the the orthodox diabetes industry and provides insight into what can be expected when it  is necessary to interact with it.

The war on fat revisited

This article takes a good hard look at why we're overweight and why some of us are obese; and it points out better ways of handling the problem than supporting the weightloss industry.

Gangsters in Medicine

This article focus' on why so many people are dying unnecessarily when treated by conventional medicine.

Subterfuges and syringes

This article focus' on one of the most dangerous mistaken beliefs in the entire medical community. In these days of severe political unrest and overpopulation this may yet prove to be a murderous swindle of Biblical proportions

Deadly Deficiencies Deliberately Decreed
This article discusses the deliberate denial of one of the all time most important dietary supplements to the American people, why this is done and the suppressed epidemic consequences that have resulted.

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