Deadly Deficiency Deliberately Decreed
Thomas Smith

    Some symptoms of iodine deficiency are type II diabetes, hypothyroidism, fibrocystic breast disease, breast cancer, intestinal dysbiosis, reduced cellular metabolism, infertility, obesity and prostate cancer.[1] There are others. There are serious questions about what constitutes a deficiency. The RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) for this mineral is 150 micrograms and the widely publicized, but totally bogus, theory is that we get this from our iodized table salt. There is evidence that this small amount will prevent goiter in most cases and so it was assumed that this is all we need.  Doctors who prescribe low salt diets virtually never also prescribe additional iodine. The actual daily requirement for iodine seems to be between 12 and 50 mg per day with the higher amounts needed by women, particularly when they are pregnant or nursing.[2]  This varies somewhat between individuals.The difference between men and women is largely because iodine is an essential mineral for breast health. With insufficient iodine women become prone to breast cancer.

    To ascertain whether or not you are deficient in iodine is a simple matter. Simply paint an iodine stain about the size of a silver dollar somewhere on your body. Then observe how long it takes the stain to disappear. If vanishes in less than 24 hours, you are deficient. If it is still visible, after 24 hours, even if only faintly, you are not deficient. What is being measured by this test is the speed at which the body will absorb iodine from any source available. If you’re deficient, start taking iodine until your body has enough to keep the stain from disappearing in less than twenty four hours. If you take too much, don’t worry about it; even in doses of ten to twenty times the real RDA, it is safe with minimal side effects except in the very rare case where an iodine allergy exists. If you are not allergic to iodized table salt you are probably not allergic to iodine at all.

    The reduced cellular metabolism often is accompanied by type II diabetes. The first symptom of diabetes is usually unexpected fatigue. The lack of sufficient iodine results in lowered production of thyroxin along with the remaining six or seven thyroid hormones that regulate the rate at which glucose is consumed by our body cells. When the cells do not burn the glucose rapidly enough, they stop uptaking it and it remains in the blood stream. At this point the pancreas, sensing the elevated glucose levels in the blood stream, secretes abnormally high amounts of insulin to stimulate glucose uptake by the cells. The cells of the body, which have been down regulated by insufficient thyroxin, respond by reducing the number of insulin receptors from around 3600 to sometimes as low as 1200. This activity on the part of the cells is akin to somebody, who has been getting too many phone calls, unplugging the telephone. At this point, insulin resistance is diagnosed and the AMA type doctor tries to get you hooked on some synthetic drug. This sequence of events became apparent to me when I researched the causes of type II diabetes and reversed my own.

    Nuclear explosions produce a radioactive isotope of iodine, I-131, as fallout that is widely dispersed in the air. It is impossible to not breathe this substance.  If you are iodine deficient, this radio active iodine will quickly be absorbed into the blood stream through the lungs and through what we ingest an become concentrated in the thyroid, breasts and other locations where it will begin the irreversible destruction of these organs. The destruction proceeds by direct destruction by radiation as well as by initiating cancer. The best protection against this is to not be iodine deficient.[3]

A little history and a criminal act
    Up until 1960 iodine was added to all of our bakery products with the result that one slice of bread provided approximately 150 micrograms of iodine. As our population grew this started to change and by 1980 bromine had become the additive of choice in bakery products and our sole remaining source of iodine became table salt with its trivial iodine content.[4]

    Aware people, for over a hundred years, have been using Lugol’s solution, an orally safe iodine preparation, to supplement iodine in their diets. Lugol’s solution has always been  widely available over the counter at a cost of approximately $20.00 per gallon or less in veterinary supply stores and slightly higher in quantities of a few ounces in drug stores and pharmacies.

    In August of 2007 the DEA acted to regulate Lugol’s solution on the theory that it could be used in the manufacture of amphetamines. This effectively removed from 300,000,000 people the right to purchase  an incredibly powerful and effective nutritional supplement over the counter because a handful of them might use the stuff to manufacture amphetamines.[5] The FDA, whose responsibility it is to regulate food and drugs, did not act to suppress iodine. The direct effect of this decision by the DEA is to reduce longevity, decrease the birth rate and increase the death rate by denying to the public one of the all time greatest of the disease preventives for the silliest and most fraudulent reason imaginable. So far the criminal transparency of this kind of decision making has not stimulated the lawsuits against the DEA that it should have stimulated.

    In addition to trying to keep people convinced that only trivial amounts of iodine are needed in order to artificially create widespread deficiency, we find iodine antagonists
widely added to our biological environment. An iodine antagonist is a non iodine substance that binds to and occupies numerous cellular receptors in the body that are there to bind iodine. It is sort of like having all of our reserved, for iodine, parking places occupied by the Hell’s Angels motorcycle club. By this binding process, the iodine deficiency that we suffer, as a result of the disinformation that we are fed, is very greatly exacerbated. These iodine antagonists are in the same chemical group as iodine and, along with iodine, are known as halogens. [6]

    The halogens constitute group VIIA of the periodic table of elements. Many of our readers, when they remember their high school or college chemistry, will recall that this group contains five elements, four of which occur naturally with the fifth, astatine, being a radioactive element with a very short half life that is only synthesized in the laboratory. These four naturally occurring halogens are  critically important to our health. As we have pointed out one of them, iodine, is vital to many of our body systems and is immensely important to the functioning of every cell and system in our body. The other three are bromine, chlorine and fluorine. These remaining three halogens are increasingly poisonous in their order of increasing chemical activity with bromine being least poisonous and fluorine being the most poisonous.

    Bromine is a gas; it is used as a pesticide to fumigate and thereby eliminate insect pests. In its bromide form it is routinely added to our food chain. It can be found in many soft drinks, juices, in bakery products and in many over the counter medications. It binds to iodine receptors throughout the body thereby destroying the ability of iodine to perform its beneficial function even when we are not iodine deficient. In someone who is already iodine deficient this can be catastrophic.[7]

    Elemental chlorine is also a gas, however it is widely distributed as chlorides, chlorates, perchlorates and in other molecular combinations. The small amount of chlorine usually obtained in table salt as sodium chloride, is a vital and necessary nutrient. It is used by the body to manufacture hydrochloric acid in the stomach for the predigestion of protein. However the problem with chlorine is that it is everywhere and we are overloaded with it. It is used to purify (?) our water supplies and is readily absorbable through the skin in a bath or shower. Excess chlorine binds to the iodine receptors and, in the large quantities we ingest, behaves like one of the Hell’s Angels we noted earlier.[8]

    Elemental fluorine is the most reactive element in the entire periodic table. It is an extremely toxic gas. It is most often found in combination with other elements. Some compounds such as stannous fluoride and sodium fluoride is used commercially as an insecticide and rodenticide, as an additive medication in our water supplies and as an additive medication in our toothpaste. It comes is sacks plainly marked with a skull and crossbones. A totally unfounded propaganda deluge has convinced our nation that there are dental benefits to this involuntary medication to which we are subjected. This is the reason why we are all medicated without our informed consent, in clear violation of existing law. It has been shown many times that there are no benefits at all to our teeth or to any other part of our body and much damage  to bones, teeth, brain and many other organs caused by water fluoridation.[9]

    In China there are areas where the soil contains a lot of fluoride compounds. It was noted that the population that lived in those areas tended to have an IQ significantly lower than the population in the naturally non fluoridated areas. Fluoridation of the water supply was used in Nazi Germany during the war years to render their prison population passive, because it is well known to have that effect.

    Fluorine very aggressively binds to iodine receptors and can cause a cellular iodine deficiency to exist even where there is adequate iodine in the bloodstream.

    The medication of our population by the adding of this deadly poison  to our water supplies without our informed consent is illegal, unlawful and unconciousable

Conclusion and recommendations
    It is widely believed, in government circles, that the overpopulation problem is the single biggest problem facing the world. As a direct consequence of this belief, every means available is being deployed to reduce longevity, reduce the live birth rate and increase the death rate. Plainly put in their own words, the world simply has too many useless eaters. The solution to the problem is to surreptitiously kill them off as quickly as possible and as humanely as possible. This is the real reason why an such immensely important nutritional substance is being denied to the American people by an agency not even tasked with this responsibility.[10]

    As I write this, I am being bombarded by reports of colossal crop failures being experienced around the world as a famine is being engineered to reduce world population at a faster rate. We are watching the direct misapplication of the arcane and misused theories of Thomas Malthus being applied to humankind by their own leadership. Malthus actually taught that prosperity is the most effective birth control device known. He showed that if we fail to develop an equitable way of sharing the world’s wealth with the world’s population that war famine and disease would be necessary to control population growth. It is the current crop of wealthy that have convinced themselves that population can only be controlled by war, famine and disease. This is why they promote these things constantly. If they applied the true theories of Malthus, they would have to share the world’s wealth with the world’s population; this they have no intention of doing. Killing everybody off is a much more acceptable solution to the problem in their eyes. I’ve often wished that our leadership had more insight to the consequences the things that they decree, but they do not and never have had such insight. I doubt that many of them have ever studied Malthus’ work to any depth. [11]

    The string of coicidences reported here that have resulted in the denial to the American people of one of the all time most important of the nutritional supplements simply defies understanding until we remember what one of our most influential presidents, Franklin Delano Rooseveldt, told us about how things work in America. He said: “When you see something important happen on the political scene you can be sure that it was no accident but was carefully planned in smoke filled backrooms to happen just the way you see it”
    Be sure to get sufficient iodine on a daily basis to prevent deficiency. Many iodine supplements are worthless because they contain such trivial amounts of iodine that you would need to consume handfuls of them daily. There are a few that provide useful amounts of iodine other than Lugol’s solution; but, none so convenient and with such a long record of usefulness. Remember that the orphan drug act allows you to legally import from countries that have more freedom than America the quantities of supplements and drugs that you need for personal use. A quick search of the internet will turn up sources for Lugol’s solution. Totally avoid food and drink products that contain fluorine or bromine in any form.  Get your nonfluoridated toothpaste from a health food store. Try to find a way to obtain clean water that is not poisoned by chlorine or fluorine.

    Contact your congressman and senator to investigate and reverse this criminal ploy to deny such a vital nutritional supplement to the entire nation, by an agency not even chartered to regulate such things, for such a silly and transparent reason.
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