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     Our book, Insulin: Our Silent Killer, is not available in bookstores, but can be mail ordered from anywhere in the world by using the ordering instructions, as shown below, that are  appropriate for the part of the world in which you are located.

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The book length self help manual entitled "Insulin: Our Silent Killer" was prepared for that half of our population that is either affected by or involved with this disease. This book is written in layman's language intended to be readily understood by anyone without special training in medicine. It includes a glossary that carefully defines necessary medical terms. It includes an extensive list of scientific cites and references of the source data. It contains a bibliography for further reading. It contains a glycemic Index for those who daily face the consequences of faulty fat and carbohydrate metabolism but who still have to eat.

The book, Insulin: Our Silent Killer, (1) provides an easily understood, workable alternative protocol for reversing this disease quickly, completely, permanently, naturally and economically without dangerous synthetic drugs in the majority of cases. This book also (2) discusses ways to reverse much of the collateral damage that unchecked proliferation of this disease causes in the body. This book (3) also provides effective non-drug therapies that are needed to control blood glucose during the time that the disease is being reversed but before our automatic Blood Sugar Control System (BSCS) is again fully functional. All three elements of this approach are equally vital to curing this disease.

Insulin: Our Silent Killer relates the experiences I had when I was faced with this killer disease after I discovered that doctors treat but do not cure it. Most important, this book contains a full detailed explanation of just where this disease comes from, what causes it, why it is not being routinely cured, a discussion of the economics of the disease, a discussion of the consequences of orthodox medical treatment, and of the reasons why the disease has become a national disgrace.

Our investigation and our book Insulin: Our Silent Killer has been featured at length in a very favorable book report in the spring, 1999 edition of Tom Valentine's "True Health" newsletter (Carotec, Inc., PO Box 9919, Naples, FL 34101 (941) 353-2348) and was given high marks by David Lawrence Dewey, nationally syndicated columnist, in his popular on line health advisory column:

and, we are currently the subject of favorable articles in other leading health oriented magazines. We are also involved with the exposing of this disgraceful epidemic throughout the media.  We frequently receive and respond to invitations to discuss our findings on local talk radio stations all over America and even as far away as Middleborough, England. We are being very well received on nation wide talk radio everywhere we have been invited. This area of our work is expanding on its own momentum largely because of the real need for accurate information by those who are stricken by this disease.

If you would like to have me appear on local health talk radio in your area, just put your local radio host and I in touch by email and I will follow through on making it happen. So far I have been very well received and frequently invited back on almost 300 health talk radio shows

More recently, some of the research presented in my book was featured on the Good Morning America TV show as an investigative expose' of a major cause of this stealth disease epidemic. 

For those who would like additional investigative leads we are preparing a links list to facilitate searching the world wide web.  Or you can email us at:

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