The war on Fat revisited
Thomas Smith

Fact or fiction

    It is startling how often widespread popular belief turns out to be, not only wrong,  but surprisingly, the complete opposite of what the  truth  turns out to be.. Nowhere is this more true than in the snobbery that pervades the weight loss industry. It is always wise to remember that, in todays commercial world, popular belief, particularly when profit or loss is involved, is a commodity. It is a bought and paid for commodity just like a sack of beans.

    The general belief is that being overweight is a sign of self indulgence and lack of will power. Sometimes we hear, particularly from the overweight group, the comforting pronouncement that obesity is genetic and thus not really anyone’s fault. These are traditional beliefs that are carryovers from the days when our food supply was intact and self indulgence adequately explained the low incidence of obesity. Today our food chain is so dominated by the profit motive that good clean natural food is very difficult to find and overweight problems, not coincidentally, are rampant. To understand this we must look beyond self indulgence for an explanation.

    Certainly the population of self indulgent people who so lack willpower that they  cannot, or will not, stop overeating while living the life of a couch potato remains. We have always had this minority. For them, this article will likely not do much good at all.

    This association of overweight with weak  will however, while it might make the lean amongst us feel superior as they look down their nose at fat people, does nothing at all to explain why two thirds of the entire American population is overweight and half of these are grossly obese.

A short review of how the body works

    When we eat more calories than we burn the body stores the difference either as glycogen in the liver or as fat in our fat cells. Thus the first important concept is to keep the number of calories we eat relatively close to the number of calories that we burn. This might be a healthy approach for the consumer but it is bad business for the supermarket with a vested interest in selling as much food as they  can as often as they are able.  It is not a very good idea for the restaurant either; his vested interest is to super size everything to justify inflated restaurant pricing.
    The appestat is an automatic control function performed by our hypothalamus that regulates our appetite. It warns us to eat when we need food by making us hungry; it produces a sense of satiation when we have eaten what we need. As long as this appestat works properly, our body weight will remain stable in the normal range.  So to understand the basis of obesity we must understand that the function of the appestat is to, indirectly but quite accurately, regulate body weight.

    Although the function of the appestat is automatic and does not depend upon the exercise of willpower, we can over-rule it and make conscious decisions to overeat. We can even allow  these decisions to become habits. It is in this way that the self indulgent become fat. This phenomenon occurs in a statistically predictable part of the population, and it always has. It has, traditionally, been known to be associated with the poorer people who must depend upon the  poor quality food that they can afford. It is also associated with various psychological stress pathologies that induce both overeating and a poor choice of food. These pathologies are often reinforced by sales practices amongst our food purveyors. A classic example of this is the idea the “you deserve a break today” being used to promote the sale of food.

    Calories are  not only abundant  in our food supply but huge amounts of calories are added by the doping of virtually all of our food with sugar, corn syrup and  the like. This is done in order to appeal to our sweet tooth and sell product. It is part of the subliminal promotion of brand loyalty.

    Nutrition is not at all abundant. Essential minerals, vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, phytonutrients, complex sugars, fatty acids and many more important nutritional factors are simply missing from the food we eat. Our appestat, noting this, keeps us hungry until the missing nutrition magically appears in the digestive tract. Of course, with todays adulterated food supply, it never does.

    While we are overeating and looking for the essential nutrition that isn’t there, the body is prudently saving all the extra calories as fat and glycogen. The burden of storing  and metabolizing all these extra calories distorts the endocrine system. We soon develop elevated levels of insulin, cortisol, glucocorticoids, depressed levels of T4 and many distortions in the entire metabolic process. At some point we get diagnosed as Insulin Resistant or Diabetic. This is  usually long after most of our our endocrine system has been thoroughly trashed.

    Thus the malnutrition caused by a poorly engineered food supply is what keeps many of us eating far beyond what we need. The extra calories we consume as a direct consequence causes both the overweight epidemic and the diabetes epidemic into which the nation has descended.

    The typical American reaction to this is to (a) diet, (b) use nutritional supplements (c) exercise and nutritious food, and (d) see the physician.


    When we diet the body perceives itself to be undergoing a famine. All of its self-protective responses kick in. It’s metabolism slows down; we become ravenously hungry, we become sluggish and have lowered energy levels.Our digestive efficiency increases and we extract more calories from our food and excrete fewer calories. We increase the storage of fat in our adipose cells until the diet is severe enough to limit this process. Always eventually we abandon the diet, at the increasingly intense urging of our appestat. However when we do, the increased digestive efficiency remains and we gain back the weight even more quickly than we lost it.

Nutritional Supplements

    These are sometimes called isolates. They are called that because they are either manufactured in synthetic form or isolated from their original food sources by advanced chemical synthesis and separation processes. There are numerous problems with the use of nutritional supplements, although  successful use of them can be very helpful.

    In nutritious food,  all of the vitamins, minerals amino acids, etc that we know about, as well as many that we have yet to discover, appear in an easy to assimilate synergistic form. In this form they interact with each other, just like drugs do, to produce effects that are difficult to predict or to replicate. Vitamin C, for example, requires a host of bioflavonoids with it in order to be effective. Vitamin E in nature, is really a complex mix of a variety of tocopherols; in an isolate this is reduced to one or two or three of the most prominent tocopherols. The same  can be said for all of  the vitamins. Minerals in natural food are always complexed with protein to make them easier to assimilate. Frequently in isolates, the protein is missing or the one used is the very cheapest and least useful one available.

    Using nutritional supplements when suffering from this sort of generalized malnutrition is like using  a crutch when the leg is broken or wearing eyeglasses when vision is impaired. It is a useful and necessary thing to do. As our  knowledge of nutrition grows, the use of supplements becomes  more effective. It is highly doubtful, however, if our knowledge of what is good for us will ever approach the accuracy that mother nature  brings to the issue. This would then suggest that we know all that there is to know and nothing is left to learn.


    Exercise is one of the most vitally important steps we can take to preserve our health in this environment. To maximally benefit, we should exercise to the point of perspiration, approximately 15 minutes for many, about 45 minutes after consuming a meal containing carbohydrates. This will open up a non-insulin dependent pathway to enable the body to transport blood sugar from the blood stream to the interior of the cells that need it.

See the physician

    If you are among the fortunate minority that has a physician that actually will work with you to restore healthy body function, by all means work with him and strive to keep him in business.  Certainly, the drug interests in America that dominate the orthodox medical community, are trying to put him out of business. If you do not have such a physician, either try to find such a one or focus on alternative methodologies practiced by naturopathic, alternative or other doctors. Strive to get results and become impatient when, after the money is spent, the healing results are not clearly apparent. Remember that arrogance is not an appropriate attitude for a physician to have toward a patient who pays the bills.

Fooling mother  nature

    There are numerous additional problems with getting a decent meal in America in  addition to the ones we have discussed. Typically a number of purely economic factors define the sort of food we find in the market place to a much greater degree than a concern for the nations health..

    Alien chemistry, deliberately placed in our food, for commercial purposes is  known to specifically interrupt and distort the normal functioning of our Appestat and  to  damage cellular functioning. Both genetically and chemically altered food is widely used to extend shelf life, to improve tolerance to pests, to reduce the cost of raw materials, to reduce the need for refrigeration, to encourage brand loyalty by creating addictions, to  modify texture, color, taste, aroma and for many  other commercial reasons. The scope of this assault on the nations health is breathtaking;  it is the result of over a hundred years of engineering food for profit without effective oversight from any government regulating agencies.

    Much of the overweight and diabetic problems in America can be traced back to the war on fat of the early 1970’s. Actually what happened then is that coconut oil was removed from the diet and soy, cottonseed and rape seed (canola) oils were substituted. These cheap worthless oils now appear in all of our processed food.they are known to precipitate diabetes. If you want to win the war on fat, refuse to eat anything that contains  any of these three oils.

    MSG, with over 100 different alias’, now appears in all of our food. The effect is to create addiction to the food and to make people obese. The fattening addiction is so powerful that the line of lab rats scientists use to study obesity is called MSG rats. They are deliberately made obese, in order to study obesity,  by feeding them MSG.  MSG is by no means the only addictive substance added to our food supply for the purpose of subliminally forcing us to prefer a particular brand of food. Thus our usual American ingenuity and drive for profit,  coupled with a clear immoral intent on the part of food manufacturers
carry the concept of brand loyalty to ridiculous extremes.  If you find yourself eating something more than four or five times a week take a look at the label to discover how you are being chemically manipulated.

What to do

    The war on fat, like the war on poverty, the war on disease and the other mind numbing phony wars that America has been fighting, was never intended to be won. It was intended to misdirect and cloak a new and massive assault on the health of a nation by those who profit greatly by doing so.

    The effective way to man the trenches and restore our faltering health is to refuse to be misled by popular mysticism and learn how things really work. Refuse to buy cheap and corrupt fats and oils and the processed food that contains them. Use supplements to provide minimum essential needs and set up a plan to burn off the excess calories that is so difficult to avoid consuming if  you buy your  food in an American supermarket.

Weight loss rainmakers

    An important part of the weight loss industry is the diet book. One of  the first was published in 1864 and advocated a daily alcohol intake. Actually our body systems are now known to convert some of our alcohol intake to body fat and store  it. Not only was this an ineffective weight control technique but it actually promoted the storage of body fat.

    “Outsmarting the female fat cell”, another more recent pseudo scientific weight loss guide, asserts that calories do not count. The only thing that counts is how you eat them; not how many you eat.

    In the 1930’s an insecticide, Dinitrophenol, was widely promoted as a weight loss medication. Before it was ordered off the market a  number of dieters lost their eyesight as a direct consequence of its use. Another high risk theory was promoted in the Cambridge diet. This one killed a number of people before it too was ordered off the market.

    We have all lived  through the more recent era that saw  the Jack LeLane program, Stillman’s quick weight loss program, the Beverly Hills diet, the Phen-Fen program,  the low carbohydrate diet, the Atkins diet and many, many others.  Each of them took a guess at the cause of overweight and each of them in turn failed miserably to resolve the weight loss problem for the large majority of us. Millions of us suffered along with Oprah as she, very publicly, strove to preserve her figure and her health.

    Although this sort of pseudo science abounds and fills a huge market share, real science also exists and it has made important recent strides in the understanding and reversal of the overweight syndrome.

      Nathaniel Pritkin, an engineer, came a little closer to a genuinely sound weight loss program than most with his no fat diet. When  he started to study the problem he weighed 300 lbs and suffered from severe arterial occlusion and had already had a heart attack. When he died at the age of sixty of unrelated causes, he had a trim figure and the arteries of a thirty year old. It’s unfortunate that the role of the essential fatty acid was not understood in the 1960’s or he would have been much more successful. Unbeknownst to Nathaniel, the type of fats and oils that are eaten is far more important than the quantity of them. However, this was not learned until much later.

Thomas Smith is a reluctant medical investigator having been forced into curing  his own Diabetes because it was obvious that his doctor would not or could not not cure it. He has published the results of his successful Diabetes investigation in his special report entitled “Insulin: Our Silent Killer” written for the layman but also widely valued by the medical practitioner. The book may be purchased by sending $25.00 US to him at PO Box 7685, Loveland, Colorado 80537. He has also posted a great deal of useful information about this disease on his web page

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