Although Impotence is a disease that has a variety of causal agents, some of them not even medical in nature, Hyperinsulinemia is directly implicated in Impotence through at least three biochemical pathways. These pathways are Neuropathy of the affected nerves and ganglia, Atherosclerosis and Vascular insufficiency. All three of these pathways are characteristic of Hyperinsulinemia and the diabetes that often occurs along with it.

Some studies show that up to 35% of males who suffer from diabetes are also functionally Impotent. Of course, Impotence along with its causal agent Hyperinsulinemia, is readily reversible in the vast majority of cases, without the need for synthetic drugs of any kind. The 35% figure undoubtedly provides much of the economic incentive for the recent introduction of the drug Viagra.

Impotence is often the result of the Diabetic Neuropathy that develops as a result of high uncontrolled Glucose levels. Some of the parasympathetic nerves involved include the Pacinian Corpuscles of the Penis, the Pudential nerve that passes to the Dorsal Root Ganglia, the Perivesicular, Prostatic and Cavernous Plexes and the Postganglion fibers that innervate the smooth muscles of the Vas Deferens, Seminal Vesicle and the Internal Sphincter of the Bladder. Any or all of these nerves can and do fail to operate properly when subject to Neuropathic damage from high Glucose levels. See our page on Neuropathy for more details.

The erectile mechanism works by increasing blood flow through the right and left Internal Pudendal Arteries to the right and left Corpora Cavernosa and by decreasing the Venous blood outflow. The high Insulin levels associated with Hyperinsulinemia cause Arterial occlusion and result in an insufficient blood supply to the Corpus Cavernosa. The high Glucose levels associated with this disease results in increased Venous permeability; thus the blood outflow from the organ is not sufficiently restricted. See our page on Vascular disease.

Viagra, a popular new synthetic drug, has been introduced by Pfizer for the specific purpose of improving erectile response in Impotent males. While it is developing a track record of working in some, but not all cases, there are some precautions that should be taken and some risks that should be weighed before embarking upon a program of using this drug. Viagra is known to increase the Hypotensive effects of Organic Nitrates; if you are taking Organic Nitrates in any form it is not smart to use Viagra. Also a serious list of side effects seems to be characteristic of this drug. Some of the most important of them, together with their relative frequency of occurance are:

The "2% other" in the above list is particularly interesting. Among the "other" numerous side effects can be found the following: When these side effects were listed in the PDR (Physicians Desk Reference) it was stated, by the manufacturer, that the causal relationship between Viagra and these adverse reactions has not been clearly established; these reactions simply occurred to volunteers involved in the clinical tests. About 3700 were involved to some extent in the tests with 550 involved for more than a year.

For those whose Atherosclerosis involves the Carotid or Coronary arteries, as it often does, the use of Viagra has the potential of precipitating a fatal Heart Failure event or stroke; and as a result, the drug should not be used by these patients.

By far the best and safest approach to the problem of Hyperinsulinemic caused Impotence is to simply cure the Hyperinsulinemia. This will swiftly arrest the progress of the Impotence. To restore proper functioning in a wholly natural and normal manner it is necessary to clean out the clogged Arteries. We introduce this idea on our page Atherosclerosis. It is thoroughly discussed in our Special Report; see our more information page.

Although Hyperinsulinemia  and diabetes are not the only causes of impotence, there are many others, it is a major cause of this malady.

We provide below a starter list of references. A much more extensive Reference list, together with a Bibliography for further research, can be found in our Special Report, Insulin: Our Silent Killer.To reverse impotence safely, it is necessary to reduce the elevated levels of blood Glucose and Insulin that often are the causative agents and to restore proper operation of our automatic Blood Sugar Control System. Much more information on this subject is also included in our Special Report.


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