This page is under construction as we search and locate other websites that contain useful additional information regarding the disease syndrome discussed at this site and/or related issues.. As we find and check out quality links we will post them on this page.

David Lawrence Dewey's column:

David is a best selling author and syndicated columnist that has a wealth of good information about the disease epidemic from which we all suffer. He often writes with wit and insight on health related issues the are of importance to us all.

Jan's Student nursing page:

This is a nursing power site. It about, for and by the nursing profession with numerous articles and discussions relative to the technology, art, challenges and issues of the medical business in general and the nursing profession in particular. An interesting and useful website maintained in a professional manner.

Shirley's wellness cafe

This is a large well researched site with an abundance of valuable health information on many topics. The material is well organized and presented in an easy to assimilate fashion. We link to topics of great interest to our study of this endocrine disorder with so many aliases. They are:

Natural Herbs guide

Jessica Thomas has put together an excellent, information rich, study guide to many popular herbs, herbal supplements and herbal medicine in general. This is a very informative guide for those who wish to understand the use and limitations of herbal remedies to reverse diabetes and improve blood sugar control; or, indeed, for any other purpose.

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