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Hyperinsulinemia is an explosive epidemic that currently affects half of us to a greater or lessor degree. In the middle 1920's this disease, then called Diabetes, was so rare that many doctors never saw it. Some ethnic communities, notably the Chinese, had never had a single case reported. Others, like the American Eskimo, who subsisted on a diet of about 60% saturated fat, had no incidence of this disease at all. Today, half the American population suffers one or more symptoms of this disease.

It is caused by toxic food. This is food whose original nutritional content has been destroyed in the food manufacturing chain. This food is sold to us for the purpose of making a profit and generating growth in the competitive companies that constitute the processed food industry. Our food lacks essential nutrition because the nutritious substances in it have a very short shelf life. Since this abbreviated shelf life is not at all compatible with modern food merchandising technology, the nutrition is modified or removed. The food is then sold as "fortified", or as "new and improved". The direct result of this lack of nutrition never affects the sale of the food because these consequences are delayed by months or years. By that time the customer (victim?) has either forgotten the bad food or been trained to believe that it is innocuous.

All of us, without exception, have been programmed by the intense advertising and marketing promotions to which we are subjected almost from birth. Much of this stuff is designed to get into our subconscious by bypassing our normal conscious censor mechanisms. Once there, these implanted perceptions take on an emotional value that makes us want to defend them as if they were our own ideas. While there might once have been some legitimate rationale for merchandising to sell products, it has become dangerously ubiquitous, intense, deceptive and effective. Subliminal advertising practices are widespread in the selling of food products to America. Without constant, informed effort to maintain our objectivity, we easily fall prey to deeply held beliefs placed in us without our consent or knowledge.

Which of us doubts that our food industry really has maintaining our health as their highest priority instead of maximizing their corporate bottom line. Yet this semi religious belief is ridiculous on the face of it. Who among us doubts that the medicines routinely sold to the public have been carefully and honestly cleared by government regulatory agencies. We have no doubts even when our newspapers are full of articles about the death dealing side effects of these drugs. Why do we continue to believe that our regulatory agencies act without being influenced by commercial interests even when we read horror stories like the approval of Aspartame. Why, after drugs like "Rezulin", formulated to treat this disease, has killed well over one hundred trusting people, do we continue to trust the integrity of the drug manufacturer who continued to sell it? Even after knowing that our regulatory agencies permitted Rezulin to remain on the market to kill more long after the lethal nature of the drug was widely reported, how many of us really suspect that anything is wrong? How many of us abandon this nonsense and seek out an alternative non-lethal treatment? It is only when we become directly and personally impacted, as was this writer, that we begin to study carefully what is really going on in this commercial arena.

Such is the power of the subliminal advertising to which we are all exposed every day.

Perhaps some insight may be gained into the scope of the health disaster in which we are involved by noting the the largest processed food manufacturer in the world is Kraft Foods. Kraft Foods is owned by Phillip Morris; yes that's right, its the same Phillip Morris that gave us the tobacco scandals of the late 1990's.

Although the health consequences of adulterated food are clear and unmistakable, all is not as bad as it seems, at least according to those who rule our country. Type II diabetes is a disease that usually occurs
after the age of forty for the great majority who contract it.  By age sixty five it has caused such serious degeneration that it has an important impact on the national longevity and death rate. To a significant extent, type II diabetes, along with cancer, another closely related disease, is responsible for placing a statistical upper limit on the average life span of Americans. I am certain that the fact that this makes our pyramid retirement schemes, including the social security system, viable, is not lost on the ruling class in America. One wonders if this is the reason that cures for these diseases seem to continually elude, for over forty years, the researchers who annually solicit donations from the public to search for the cure. 

The only time the cure word is used anymore is by corporate research organizations when they solicit funds from the public during their annual charity drives.That this whole process is self defeating becomes obvious when one realizes that if the cure was actually found, donations would dry up and the successful tax free foundation that finds the cure for their proprietary disease would need to lay off all of their staff and close up shop. This is because, although Americans, out of the generosity of their hearts, continue to donate to fund these research efforts, nobody would be motivated to spend a dime on the research after the cure was discovered. Clearly all of the financial incentives are to mount a never ending unsuccessful search for the cure without ever actually finding it.

By judicious examination of many, many scientific papers, many of which never make it to the attention of the modern clinician, it has become apparent that the dietary causes of this disease has been known, albeit in piecemeal form, for many years. It is by the use of this information that this writer has reversed his diabetes

Although we have been careful to supply this needed information that can help to completely reverse hyperinsulinemia and type II diabetes in this website, we are aware that some of the information contained here is new for many of us. Sometimes with new information, especially when it may tend to contradict previously held beliefs, more support and evidence is required to bring the new data within our comfort zone. For this reason we have prepared a 147 page special report in book format, entitled Insulin: Our Silent Killer, that can be used as a guide both for reversing this disease and for controlling blood sugar during the reversal process.

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